HCS Galileo

HCS Galileo
Smart building automation solution for hospitality management endowed with touchscreen glass and blue-led back-lighting.

Galileo is ideal for hotels, resorts, b&b and any accommodation facility which aims for both efficiency and elegance. The new high-performance Markab 3 keeps your devices updated with the latest features, helping Galileo to stay ahead of the curve. The algorithm is optimized to reduce energy costs offering a positive return on investment in a few years, depending on location and other external factors.
Galileo Digital Thermostat

Digital ThermostatTouch screen thermostat with intelligent air-conditioning system. It reduces energy costs and guarantees the maximum comfort for guests. The device manages temperature and ventilation speed on the basis of the use of the room and guests’ needs, decreasing the unit workload.

Galileo External Transponder

External TransponderDevice placed outside of the room and endowed with doorbell, alarm and do-not-disturb indicator. The door can be unlocked by bringing the key card close to the device. The led back-lighting gives a unique atmosphere to the hallways, increasing your facility distinctiveness.

Galileo Internal Transponder

Internal TransponderThis device allows the hotel manager to control the building by communicating with the central control panel and indicating room status. It activates in-room services and enables the welcome experience as it has been set.

Integrated Supervision

You can manage your hospitality facility from one or more workstations in real time, directly from the reception as well as remotely.

Building Security

Guests’ safety is assured by the anti-theft system installed on doors and windows which offers the hotel management a straightforward and intuitive interface simplifying security operations.

Energy Saving

The smart climate control adapts to guests’ usage of the room. It reduces energy costs while satisfying guests’ needs and ensuring their comfort. There is the possibility of integration with a movement sensor to further increase responsiveness and energetic efficiency.

Rooms Access Control

The electronic keys allow clear accountability and real time events memorization, providing detailed information about the room accesses.

Easy Installation

No invasive and time-consuming interventions are required, in accordance with the state of the building.

Maximum Comfort

Comfort is guaranteed by a range of features designed to charm your guests, like shutters and curtains controls, fragrances, light games, responsive climate control and any customization you can think of.

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