Full hotel management system on wall-mounted terminals that simplify its installation
HCS Naboo

HCS Naboo
Automation system for the supervision and control of hotels, residences, resorts and nursing homes, made of wall-mounted terminals.

Naboo offers all Markab’s management and control features and can be integrated with its software.
It consists of 3 types of product.
Naboo Transponder

External TransponderExternal touch control transponder reader with doorbell, alarm and do not disturb signal; the door opens by approaching the transponder card.

Naboo Transponder

Internal Transponder Internal touch control transponder reader signals the guest’s presence and activates the services in the room; it is equipped with do not disturb button.

Naboo Thermostat

ThermostatThis touch control thermostat is in the forefront of energy savings. Temperature selection, fan speed and energy saving system when the guest is not in the room, reducing the air conditioning operation and optimizing the temperature control.

Integrated Supervision

To manage the hotel from one or more workstations, even remotely.

Security of the Building

Thanks to the access control system and the anti-theft system on doors and windows.

Energy Saving

Guaranteed by the use of air conditioning depending on the guest's needs.

Rooms Access Control

Through electronic keys, with real time memorization of all events.

Easy Installation

It does not require special works for its installation and it can also be installed in non-refurbished facilities.

Comfort Guaranteed

Thanks to a range of services that improve the room coziness: lighting scenes, shutter and curtains control, air conditioning intelligent management.

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