2-in-1 Terminal Hotel Management and Monitoring System
HCS Alcor

HCS Alcor
An innovative 2-in-1 home automation system for power management, control and saving. Alcor is the ideal solution for hotels, apartments, resorts, holiday farms and retirement homes.

It allows one single unit to manage the internal reader and the thermostat while ensuring high performance standards.
Alcor Transponder

External TransponderExternal touch control camera transponder reader with doorbell, alarm and do-not-disturb signs. The door can be unlocked by placing the key card on the electronic door lock.

Alcor Transponder

Internal Transponder Indicates room status and activates in-room services. Adjusts room temperature according to current room status:
• Free room
• Occupied room - guest inside
• Occupied room - guest outside, during which power efficiency and comfortable room temperature are combined together

Warranty HCS


The 5-year warranty allows non-working units to be returned and replaced. Not applicable in case of improper installation and incorrect usage.

Integrated Management Supervision

The facility can be managed from one or more locations and remotely.

Facility Security

Access control and intrusion detection systems included.

Energy Saving

Ensured by the optimized use of electronics and air-conditioning equipment while meeting guests needs and well-being.

Room Access Control

Key card with events tracking log.

Easy Installation

Does not require invasive set-up intervention including non-renovated buildings.

Living Comfort

Provided by multiple services for a full and pleasant guest experience: light adjustment, shutters and curtains electronic control, smart room temperature (control) system.

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