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About Us

AIRVENT srl was created in Milan in 1994; in 1998, following the entry of new partners, it became Airvent BMS srl. In 2000, following the entry of the Mazzucchelli 1849 Group, the company changed its name to Airvent Sam Spa. A period of strong growth followed, supported by intense commercial cooperation with major industrial groups such as Johnson Control and Sauter and also resulting in the opening in 2003 of the Spanish subsidiary Tecnoairvent, in Barcelona.
In January 2011 Airvent SAM hived off HCS Srl into a separate company, whose scope is the development of supervisory and control systems mainly in the hotel area.

What do we Do

We have been designing, manufacturing and selling building automation and control systems for hotels and office buildings for 25 years. These systems allow energy saving, room access and alarms control from one supervision workstation.
We offer solutions which make buildings more and more intelligent, guaranteeing top energy saving standards and total comfort for users.
Our investment in research and development, together with the experience on more than 600 buildings and 40.000 hotel rooms, represent a guarantee of innovation and constant improvement.

Why Trust Us

A specialized and highly skilled team who works exclusively to improve the existing hotel automation products, while designing and developing new ones. Their ultimate goal is to ensure comfort and safety for users and hoteliers.
HCS also provides exclusive assistance to ensure efficiency and safety of the products supplied.

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